Sunday, December 26, 2010

English FF SARANGHAE part b -ending-

Lets read =]

I Love You Part b

Nurdan smile proud to herself.

Today is a day before Ney Year. And she think, today is a good time to told Hyun Joong that she REALLY LOVE HIM! Like in sceen of drama, it will be a unforgetable day =]

At 11 p.m. Hyun Joong come. He startled Nurdan come in time. " Why you ask me not go here together with me?" Nurdan just smile.

Hyun Joong has a more startled when see two snowman named him and Nurdan and Soulmate. " You make it?" he ask with unbelieve face. Nurdan nood her head with shy face. Then, she took Hyun Joong's hand and lead him stand up infront two snowman.

" What?" ask him.

Nurdan walk to behind two snowman and say, " Hyun Joong oppa, Happy New Year!" she cheer.

Hyun Joong smile happyly. " Happy New Year too!"

Nurdan give her gift. A syal that she made by herself.

" Wow, you made it? Gomaweo..." Hyun Joong wear it.

And now ten second to 2011.

Nurdan walk and get close with Hyun Joong. " Saranghae oppa." she wishper it.

12 p.m., when the firework paint over them, Nurdan kiss Hyun Joong cheek.

Hyun Joong blushing.

How? You like it? HAPPY NEW YEAR guys =]

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