Sunday, December 26, 2010

English FF SARANGHAE part a

This FF Special for Nurdan. Lets read =]

part a

The beautifull namja look at Nurdan eyes. He is very angry right now. Nurdan turn her head. They are in Namsang Tower, for date.

"I ask you, how come you never say 'I love you'! do you really love me??" The beautifull namja repeat his sentence with more angry. "Who am I for you?"

"Hyun Joong oppa is my boyfriend," Nurdan replay with nice voice.

The beautiful namja, named Hyun Joong, take his breathe. "So say it now!"

Nurdan shook her head. "Please wait oppa," she smile nicely.

"Wait for what? If you really love, you can said it easy, rite?" Hyun Joong ask with frustation face. Nurdan just give a wide smile.

' Please wait, oppa. I'll tell in nice moment. Just be patient,' said Nurdan just in her heart.

Nurdan take her mantel and walk to outside. While she walk she call Hyun Joong and ask him to come to Gwangyang Park at 11p.m.

30 minutes later she come to Gwangyang Park. She make two snowman. A snowman with a red head, named Hyun Joong Soul. And other snowman with pink syal, Nurdan Mate. If it be read its mean ' Hyun Joong-Nurdan, Soulmate'

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