Monday, November 14, 2011

Fact about Boyfriend

Boyfriend ♥ Boyfriend is scared of the recording studio because they got yelled a lot there.
♥ In one of their interview Boyfriend said “We want to become the boyfriend of the Noona fans”
♥ Boyfriend is good at concentrating but sucks at memorizing.
♥ Boyfriend’s “Boyfriend” dance is called “Aegyo Dance”
♥ Boyfriend plans to show us a new side of themselves apart of the powerful dance that they’d shown us. (Don’t Touch My Girl)
♥ Boyfriend wants to be recognized for their talent, not their looks.
♥ Boyfriend feels quite sad because they think they are getting recognized for their visuals rather than their talent
♥ In Boyfriend, The maknae line (Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo) are good at dancing, while the hyung line (Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin) are good at singing
♥ Minwoo, Hyunseong and Donghyun shares the same room
♥ All of the members, except Jeongmin, received support from their families when they expressed their desire to become singers
♥ Donghyun and Minwoo have the most fluent english among the members
♥ The members are not allow to have cellphones
♥ The Maknae line go to the same school, Seoul Performing Arts High School
♥ Boyfriend goal is to get this year “Rookie Award” (2011)
♥ After Boyfriend’s debut they can’t get in touch with friends, so their friends came directly to the music television.
♥ Members are not allow to date
♥ All the members said that they missed their family and wanted to see them if they have a day-off
♥ The members said that the Coffee Prince and the awkward acting was their most memorable part of their Mnet M!pick
♥ Boyfriend chose “Bestfriend” as their fan-club name, it was revealed on August 11th 2011

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