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Fact about Boyfriend 2

According to the other Members
♥ Youngmin claims that Minwoo has the nicest smile in Boyfriend.
♥ According to Jeongmin/Kwangmin, Minwoo is good at winks because he copied alot of girl groups.
♥ Kwangmin says that if other people ever met Hyunseong, They’d think he has “mental issues”.
♥ Donghyun called MinWoo as “Man pollination” because he used all of the tissues to wipe his sweat.
♥ Donghyun once said that Minwoo has CUTE personality
♥ Donghyun said that, Hyunseong isn’t great with expressing feelings
♥ Hyunseong said that anything Donghyun does, he does it with caution, so whatever he does, he does it well
♥ Jungmin is known as “Mirror Prince”, according to Minwoo, he look at the mirror all the times except when he’s sleeping
♥ Donghyun said that Youngmin does things very slow so everyone has to wait for him all the time
♥ According to Donghyun, Boyfriend hope to become a popular group like Girls’ Generation
♥ According to Min Woo, Young Min once went missing during practice time. They searched for him for almost an hour. Eventually, they found him asleep on the toilet seat due to over crying.
♥ According to Kwangmin, Minwoo really bad at making Ramyun
♥ Minwoo can’t speak fluent English, but he’s rumored to have the best English in the group.
♥ Hyunseong and Jeongmin were put into Boyfriend when Starship switched trainees TNT and Yunho out
♥ People said that when Minwoo is bored, he ran up and down the stairs just for fun
♥ Minwoo likes to play the twins off against each other sometimes.
♥ Minwoo said that people are used to call him with “Moist” But now, it changed into “Wet” because he’s always sweating.
♥ Minwoo used to find running up and down the stairs fun.
♥ Minwoo tends to puff his cheeks out when he is concentrating on something
♥ Minwoo was holding a bear at the photo shoot and asked “do bears usually have a mouth?”
♥ Minwoo likes Mickey Mouse
♥ Minwoo is a fan of Jessica (SNSD)
♥ Minwoo always wakes up Youngmin with his cuteness
♥ Minwoo casted in a sitcom “All My Love” together with Jo Twins
♥ Minwoo usually call ‘Hyung’ to Youngmin, but not on Kwangmin.
♥ Minwoo and Donghyun likes to eat Korean cabbage
♥ Minwoo use 3 shoes insoles to elevate his height
♥ Minwoo gets along well with the entire Boyfriend members that its easy to pair him with any other member
♥ Minwoo has bad temper but he has a tough leadership soul
♥ Minwoo has a sister named Eun Bin
♥ Minwoo’s Favorite Color is Red
♥ Minwoo’s role model is SHINee’s Taemin because he can dance very well while singing
♥ Minwoo once said: “There’s a lot of beautiful memories, but this is our first overseas event since debuted, in China. We are so touched about it~ it’s an honour for us to perform here.
♥ When Minwoo was with the Jo Twins in All My Love, BEAST’s Doo Joon treated him nicely and helped him a lot.
♥ Minwoo said that he’s comfortable sharing room with the two hyungs while Jungmin said that his room is too quiet.
♥ Minwoo wants to be a boyfriend that has manly personality
♥ “IU sang me a song during break time and she was really good. She must have been tired so it was memorable to see her care about me” - Minwoo
♥ Minwoo wants to hug his girlfriend on the road that is filled with people
♥ Minwoo would like to travel overseas, the mountain or the beach if he has a date with their fans
♥ Minwoo once mentioned that his english name is “Jeremy”
♥ Minwoo doesn’t use perfume, but he uses lotion
♥ Minwoo has been a Starship trainee for 3 years
♥ Minwoo said that he still sweat during winter
♥ Minwoo’s dream used to be an actor, but he likes the feeling to be on the stage and changed it to be a singer/rapper
♥ Minwoo spends his free time listening to music, discuss something with the other members and he likes to share some videos with them
♥ If there is a chance, Minwoo wants to act as a bad boy in the movie
♥ Jeongmin used to bite his nails
♥ Jeongmin is the second member who talkative/talking much after Donghyun
♥ Jeongmin and Donghyun can play piano
♥ Jeongmin want to prove to his parent if he can success be entertainer
♥ Jeongmin has only watched the “Goblet of Fire” out of the whole Harry Potter Movie series
♥ Jeongmin is the shortest member
♥ Jeongmin has 5 favorite colors
♥ Big Bang’s G-dragon is Jungmin role model
♥ Jeongmin likes working out with Donghyun
♥ Jeongmin like playing drums
♥ Jeongmin wants to be a romantic type of boyfriend
♥ Jeongmin and Hyunseong was a trainee for only a year
♥ Jeongmin won a vocal award at a Youth festival before he debuted
♥ Jeongmin first crush was in High School but he couldn’t bring himself to confess to her. Later on when Boyfriend freshly debuted, the girl appeared in front of Jeongmin again. So he confessed to her and ask her to stay by his side.(so what happened to them now? O__o are they together or what? T__T)
♥ Jeongmin’s favorite song is “Yesterday” by The Beatles
♥ Jeongmin likes a movie called “僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ”
♥ Jeongmin idolized Lee Jeong sunbaenim. He is his mentor and he’s able to use meaningful words made into lyrics to touch every soul
♥ Jeongmin’s dream is to be a singer
♥ Jeongmin spends his free time listening to the music
♥ Donghyun can read few English words
♥ Donghyun used to be a rebel during school
♥ Donghyun knows some Japanese language and can speak in Japanese (He debuted in Japan before with Boyfriend)
♥ Donghyun and Minwoo likes to eat Korean cabbage
♥ Donghyun and Jeongmin can play piano
♥ Donghyun walks outside when he feel stressed
♥ Donghyun can’t spell “Tiramisu”
♥ Donghyun is the funniest man in the group. He’s moodmaker.
♥ Donghyun is interested in fashion
♥ Donghyun is a Starship trainee for 6 years before debuting with Boyfriend
♥ ”Think first before you do something” - Donghyun
♥ Donghyun tries to put emotion into his singing during recording so his face has a funny expression when recording
♥ Donghyun is a troublemaker and a very curious person
♥ Donghyun has the fairest complexion of them all
♥ Donghyun prefers Youngmin out of his other members because he follows him well
♥ Donghyun admirers Jay Chou as a Chinese Artist right after he watched “Secret”, Jay’s film.
♥ Donghyun usually go back to his own house instead of staying at their dorm
♥ Donghyun wants to be a perfect boyfriend. Sometimes nice and sometimes can be out of the odds too
♥ Donghyun wants to open a concert for his girlfriend when he has a lot of profit
♥ Donghyun said that he wanted to get in the car and just drive with no plans if he gets a day off
♥ Donghyun likes Big Bang sunbaenim since he watched them on stage performance when he was in high school
♥ Donghyun’s dream used to be a Pianist
♥ Donghyun’s friends told him that it looks awkward for a guy to play the piano, then he changed his mind to be a singer
♥ Hyunseong scared of camera
♥ Hyunseong cried when boyfriend member gave him surprised birthday party
♥ Hyunseong likes hamburger and donkatsu
♥ Hyunseong has a bright personaliy and really care about theother members.
♥ Hyunseong started getting an interest in music when he heard a drummer playing the drums
♥ Hyunseong got a bracelet from the staff of M!Pick for his birthday
♥ Hyunseong chooses Youngmin to be his slave because he said Youngmin ruined his cake. (On M!Pick’s Episode)
♥ Hyunseong is very picky with money
♥ Hyunseong was a drummer for a band when he was in 6th grade
♥ Hyunseong wants to be the type of boyfriend who has a nice heart and understanding
♥ Hyunseong’s idol is K.Will sunbaenim.
♥ Hyunseong wants to compose a song especially for his girlfriend and sing it to her
♥ Sunho is not Hyunsung stage name. Sunho was originally in Boyfriend but got switched with Hyunseong for unknown reason.
♥ Hyunseong and Jeongmin was a trainee for only a year
♥ Hyunseong likes pork cutlet
♥ Hyunseong likes Big Bang and their songs, he wants to follow their steps and produce music album just like them in the future
♥ Hyunseong’s dream is to become singer
♥ Hyunseong spends his free time watching TV and learning something new
♥ Kwangmin is always happy when he’s tired
.♥ I’m young, but my body is old.” (Kwangmin. during the UCC practice.)
♥ Kwangmin likes Pikachu
♥ Kwangmin likes blue and black
♥ Kwangmin draws Pikachu on Hyunseong’s birthday cake
♥ When Kwangmin forget the dance part he quickly look for help by watching Minwoo
♥ Kwangmin’s good at sharing to another
♥ Kwangmin wanted to color his hair same with Youngmin but Starship Ent. didn’t allow him
♥ Kwangmin has 4D personality, that’s why people say he’s Heechul’s line
♥ Kwangmin doesn’t like it when people bring up the times he cried
♥ Kwangmin’s Favorite Color is Blue
♥ Kwangmin is known as the prankster
♥ Kwangmin sit in a mermaid style since he was young and still does now
♥ Kwangmin wants to be the type of boyfriend who cares for his lover silently
♥ Kwangmin wants to walk around the park and then present his girlfriend with a ring like a typical style of dating.
♥ Kwangmin is a fan of Dynamic Duo
♥ Kwangmin would like Jeongmin to be his boyfriend if he were a girl
♥ Kwangmin likes soccer
♥ Kwangmin likes ddeokbokki
♥ Kwangmin likes a movie called “Harmony”
♥ Kwangmin likes Pororo
♥ Kwangmin’s dream used to be a Novelist, but then changed to a singer/rapper
♥ Kwangmin spends his free time to chat with the other members and the topic they discuss is mostly about Music
♥ Youngmin gets tired the fastest.
♥ Youngmin’s pride is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well. When in anger, he almost throws a tantrum
♥ Youngmin loves Winnie The Pooh
♥ Youngmin wash his hands when he nervous
♥ Youngmin likes yellow
♥ Youngmin choose TVXQ as his Group Idol
♥ When in elementary school, Youngmin wore girl’s dress and played a role of Cinderella in school drama. He also have been mistaken as a girl by a boy who confess his love to Youngmin! He changed his costumes but didn’t take out his wig then played in the park. To that boy he said that he had had a boyfriend
♥ Youngmin can’t draw during his kindergarten stage
♥ If Youngmin want something, he will concentrate to get it
♥ Youngmin blushed when he was asked by the staff about the gifts from fans they received on the day of their debut
♥ Youngmin’s Favorite Color is Yellow
♥ Youngmin really want to become a singer but he never realized that it was this hard to be one and he misses school a lot
♥ Youngmin’s Idol is his vocal teacher, Jang Jin Young.
♥ When Youngmin was a trainee under JYP, he practiced with 2PM sunbaenim.
♥ Youngmin said that it’s really hard to wake him up, he even sleep while standing
♥ Youngmin wants to be the type of boyfriend that is serious when the situation is serious and be funny when joking
♥ Youngmin wants to sing for his girlfriend after giving her a flower
♥ Young Min is a very sensitive guy, he cried if he made a mistake and he won’t be able to forgive himself
♥ Youngmin would like Donghyun to be his boyfriend if he were a girl
♥ Youngmin likes a movie called “해운대”
♥ Youngmin respects Naul sunbaenim, he hopes to be like him one day
♥ Youngmin’s dream used to be a Detective, but he’s slowly influenced by his dad, who loves music. He slowly love music too, then changed this dream to become a singe
♥ Youngmin spends his free time listening to music and sleepingYoungmin wants to try to act as the type of a charismatic person
Jo Twins
♥ Kwangmin once got wounded when Youngmin pinched him during one of their CF shooting.
♥ The Jo twins claim that they’ve stopped growing
♥ The Jo twins are really scared of things suddenly exploding.
♥ Jo Twins are JYPE’s trainee before debute in Starship in 2 years
♥ ”Once Kwangmin had injured, i had to replace him for video’s record” - Youngmin
♥ Jo twins and Minwoo casted in a sitcom “All My Love”
♥ When Youngmin is tired, Kwangmin started to hyper that makes Youngmin upset
♥ Jo twins have a couple rings on their index finger
♥ Jo twins are learning Japanese language
♥ Jo twins sleep at the same time and same position
♥ Jo twins name combination’s (YoungKwang) mean “Honor”
♥ Jo Twins have different personality, Youngmin is cold while Kwangmin is cheerful
♥ The twins have the same voice but usually Kwangmin speaks in a lower tone than Youngmin
♥ Youngmin is 178 cm and Kwangmin is 180 cm
♥ Youngmin is older than Kwangmin. (6minutes)
♥ The twins have a younger brother named Hyunmin, who is younger by 2 years
♥ The twins are known as Kim Hyun Joong look-alike
♥ The twins shared backpack when going to recording
♥ The twins have been in over 300 CFs since they were young
♥ Youngmin gets more camera time than Kwangmin because Kwangmin is very shy.
♥ Kwangmin said in an interview that he been very busy recently and he haven’t talk or meet his family at all. Suddenly, Youngmin yelled out “But I’m your family!”
♥ When the twins were little, they did everything together
♥ When they were little, Kwangmin would always be there when Youngmin had a CF or any other shooting
♥ The twins’ father dreamed of being a singer himself
♥ Kwangmin is clumsier than Youngmin
♥ Youngmin and Kwangmin don’t fight as much. If they do, they would just talk back to each other nicely or crack some jokes and they’ll be fine
♥ Kwangmin had replaced Youngmin’s photoshoot because Youngmin fell from a swing and cried

Sources cassiopiealeea and iloveboyfriendband[via BFKPOP]

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