Friday, July 16, 2010

short ff 2

short ff 2 -taemin
Current Location: in front of
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: insa by dbsk
Tittle: Memories
Cast: Taemin
Genre: Simple story
Disclaimer: just my
Spring come. Remember me
to yourself who like sitdown in
this field. Behind this tree.
Sometime i call you. Ask your
activities or other.
You in Italia right now. Home
stay there for a year. Make
me must save my money for
call you. You are my sunbae,
my best friend, and my love.
I love you for years. And still
until now. I always show my
cutes also my love. But you
act like didn't see it. Maybe
Because i'm young, i'm
magnae, so you think it just
kidding. I hope, one day, you
can look at me as a namja.
Slow wind. It bring fresh of
sring. Make me get up of my
I find onew hyung waving his
hand to me.
I give him big-smile and walk.
It's time to dance practice.
Dance for our school festival.
Noona, you said you love my
dance, right. Do you know? All
of my dance i show just for
you. Jeongmal saranghae

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